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Walt Disney World Tower of Terror 10 miler-Race Recap

Published October 14, 2014 by thisprincesswillrun

*So my husband laughed at me for the abrupt ending to the previous blog post, sorry about that. I ran out of time and had to get ready for work ūüėú*

So Saturday arrived with a rainy morning. Luckily this was a night time race and I did not sign us up to do the 5k that morning like I had originally crazily thought about doing. The 2 weeks leading up to Saturday October 4th had been incredibly rainy and hot even by Florida standards. I had read horror stories about the heat and humidity of this race in the past, and was getting a little nervous because the weather in Pennsylvania had been INCREDIBLY mild this summer and had even dipped into fall temps durning my last few long training runs.
But the rain (and my mom, I swear she did this) actually caused the temps to drop throughout the day and into the evening. I was starting to get more excited-nervous as opposed to throw up-nervous.

John and I slept in and then went down and got breakfast at our hotel. The only plans we had for the day were to head over to The Boardwalk and get a later lunch at The ESPN Zone. John had been asking our last 2 trips if we could get over there and it just never happened so I really wanted to get over there for him, since I forced him to run 10 miles with me and all. We were shooting for a 1/1:30 lunch, not even thinking that it’s a Saturday….duh. College football day. And because the ESPN zone is a sports bar it was packed. And they don’t force anyone to leave if they are done eating if they came to watch a specific game. Womp. So we waiting in line foreverrrrrrr (ok maybe only like 45 minutes) but we finally got seated and got to watch the end of the Florida-Tennessee game (I think, I don’t follow college football, just NFL…) after lunch we made our way back to Pop Century to rest the legs and get ready for the night to come.




I felt like the poster girl for all things running: purple sparkle skirt, Evil Fairy Raw Threads tank top, purple Asics, Expresso Love abd Gu chomps, and my purple Sparkly Soul headband.
At 7:15 we made our way down to the busses. We were one if the first at our hotel to get there so we were on the second bus to come along. I saw a lot of Raw Threads shirts being worn that night, particularly the Evil Fairy and Evil Queen.
We arrived at the runner drop off and checked our bags and at point all the butterflies I was trying to suppress flew into my throat and stomach. I was still excited but now it was really happening. We kind of wandered around a little. I wanted to sign the signs they had up by the DJ but the line was just astronomical. So I settled for getting a picture at one of the 4 backdrops they had set up. We met another couple in line ahead of us and that helped pass the time. They were nice enough to take some pictures of the two of us so it’s not just selfies haha.




After those pictures we made one last bathroom stop and headed over to Corral F (!!!)


Being placed in F really took a lot off my mind, knowing we had that buffer between us and the dreaded Balloon Ladies and Sweeper Bus. Then it was another hour of waiting around. The nerves were really taking over. I knew I had trained hard, but was it enough? I’d only done 8 miles…how would my body handle the other 2? John was annoyingly calm and tried to help me relax. Finally it was time! They bearded the cattle runners out of each corral and down the long walk to the starting line. Before I knew it, the fireworks for corrals A-E had gone off and it was time got F to begin!




John and I started off together at a decent pace, but in all honesty I paid very little attention to my time the entire race. After the first mile I had pulled away and was on my own. My earbuds decided that only one side was going up work, which was frustrating but it ended up being a blessing. By only have 1 working bud I was able to have my music but also be very present in the race and the atmosphere. Around mile 1 there was already a character stop, I believe it was Jafar, but the line was SUPER long and he was being led away as I ran by. I knew I wanted at least one character picture from this race, I’m in Disney for crying out loud! I had a mental list of who I would stop for if the lines were short. The first 5k was pretty boring, just the one character stop and one spot that had music playing on course. I knew I would be coming up to Animal Kingdom soon which meant during around and running back.


I wanted to try t

I tried to take as many pictures as I could, I’m sure I was very entertaining to watch as I ripped my arm band off every mile or so to take a selfie with a mile marker lol. Scar was mile 3 I believe because soon after that I saw the character stop for the Hyenas! They were high on my list of ones I wanted to stop for, but the line was long and I wasn’t going to stop before I had at least a 5k done. The next mile was slightly uphill and the Queen of Hearts stop was there. I was very tempted to stop for her, but kept on trucking along. There was a girl in a blue tutu that I was trying to stay with, she would run past when I walked and I would catch her again. Mile 4 marker was very exciting, Dr. Facilier from Princess and the Frog! One of my favorites!


And right past the mile marker on the right was the character stop! And the line was very short! (Thanks again mom!) He was my number one pick to stop for. So I stopped the garmin and ruled off my arm band. My picture didn’t turn out good, luckily the marathonfoto one did.


Right after my picture was taken I saw my husband! I had been hoping to find him again on the course. We stayed together for the rest of the run on the highway and through the narrow trail that took us to the HALFWAY POINT! I was sad that the character stops on the trail had such long lines. Jack and Sally, who I wasn’t very interested in, had the longest line is seen since Jafar at the beginning. The other character they had on the trail was the Ugly Witch from Snow White with her cauldron, that would have been a fun picture.
The trail was pretty well lit, it was just a right squeeze and there were speed demons trying to get around everyone. We made it through the woods and onto the grounds of the Wide World of Sports. I really wanted to finish this race with my husband so made a very conscience effort to keep him in my sights. When we got to the baseball diamond I broke away a bit because I really wanted to “run the bases”, but I waited for him at the exit. I took the blurry selfie above to show 6 miles…John’s longest run to date! (Until we finished obviously).
Once we got out onto the road again John was hurting so we would run/walk the light poles as motivation to keep moving. I know my pace took a hit, but I wanted to stay with John. We turned left back onto the highway, passing the Zombie character stop…no thank you. And finally we were coming up the the mile 8 marker….MALEFICENT!


John and I had said that if we got split up again to just meet one another at mile 9 and we would finish together. Right after the mile 8 marker was the downhill ramp leading back to Hollywood Studios. I knew I had to run down the hill, so I took off and let my stride open up a little. Mile 8 was fun, between the hill and Hades above the Hollywood Studios sign harassing people I started to forget the pain in my butt (literally, anything longer than 6 miles and I get pain my left hip and butt) but it wasn’t terrible and I was under 2 miles to go!! This was when my favorite part of the race happened, we were finally running through a Disney park!

I think my favorite part of the entire race was running the Backlot Tour. It closed for good a week before so the ToT runners got to give her one last hurrah. We came in through the back of HS and ran down the middle of the Lights! Motor! Action! attraction, I tried to take a picture of myself on the megaton but it didn’t work lol. So instead I settled for cheesing it up for the marathonfoto cameras. I changed up the pose from my thumbs up to some kind of flying-arms out pose…with a huge smile of course! And the smile was truly genuine, I was having a fabulous time. Up next you ran past the old movie vehicles that you saw on the Backlot Tour, like Herbie. Right after that was the mile 9 marker, so I stopped to wait for John who was only 3-4 minutes behind me. It was a welcome stop, I stretched out my hip and butt a little and felt awesome. Once I gained a husband, off we went together run-walking the Streets of America. And then came all the chEARing fans! It was so awesome to get some positive energy because that last mile felt like an eternity! We ran around the Sorcerer’s hat and back through Pixar Place. I was looking for either Mike or Lotso to maybe get a picture with since John and I were together but I didn’t see either one. (Plus I don’t think John would have stopped, he was hurting and just wanted to see that finish line). So back into the Backlot Tour we went, this time through the tunnel that housed all the costumes and sets and past the Earful Tower. I knew we had to be getting close. Finally one voluntEAR told us it “right around that corner!!” So we walked a few more feet and started tuning in time with the music we could hear for the finish and hand in hand John and I ran across that finish line while Rudy announced “The Anselmo’s from Perkasie!” WE DID IT!!! We finished 10 miles together. And that wet towel they give, is heaven sent. After finally getting the bling that we earned, we started the long trek to bag claim. I was feeling pretty great, but I know John just wanted to go back to the hotel and shower and fall into bed. Luckily, Pain and Panic from Hercules were right in front of the exit to bag claim. So I put my Maleficent Mickey ears and got a picture with my bling.




This entire experience has been life changing. 365 days ago (from ToT 2013-ToT 2014) I’ve changed. I was always the one to have such high dreams but as soon as things got difficult I just have up. But not this time. And I couldn’t have done it alone. Not only has my husband been the most amazing motivator, but my family and friends have been so great this past year. A few that deserve a shout out are my sisters; Kim and Megan, sisters-in-law; Theresa and Nicole for following John and I by getting text alerts Saturday night for the whole 2 hours and 29 minutes. My dad for letting me mooch his gym membership and for getting there himself. Adj, for her unwavering support and for giving me the tools to make this happen (even if you do hate me for becoming a runner). The family I work for; Pratik, Melissa, Kira, and Ajay-for motivating me the whole year to get out there and move. And anyone else who checked in and cheered me on, I know I’ve been annoying on social media posting all my runs and sweaty selfies, but every like and comment has meant more to me then I could ever explain. And my BRF-Arianne, who started out as just a fellow runner on Instagram and has morphed into my greatest cheerleader. Can’t wait to follow your progress at Wine and Dine!

Well, I think that covers all the bases, this is one seriously long post, and I thank you if you’ve taken the time to actually read the whole thing. Now onto the next stage of making this Princess run…half marathon training!



30 Things To Do Before 30!

Published June 8, 2014 by thisprincesswillrun

30. 30 years of Jenna Leigh on this planet. It’s still so very strange to wrap my brain around that thought. I’m not dreading this milestone birthday as a lot of people do, but it is such a turning point that you have to embrace it. But I guess I really can not start lamenting turning 30, when I still have 14 months before that happens. I enter my last year of the 20’s in August this year. August 18th to be exact (it’s an important date don’t you know!?)

I have always been overly ambitious, the things I’ve wanted to do in my life have ranged far and wide from going to the Olympics, to marrying Taylor Hanson, to becoming a famous singer. But when I sat down and really thought about all the things that I would love the accomplish in the next year, I let my imagination run wild but made sure to reel myself back in since I am now slightly more realistic in what I can and can not get done. I’ve tried to put the list in order based on level of achievability.¬†The first half-ish are ones that I can definitely get done, while the second half and much more personal and require more planning and money and drive. I hope my list will inspire you to go out and write down all the things you want to do in your life, whether you’re turning 30, 40, 50, or not even out of high school. The world is an amazing place and it needs all the dreamers and doers it can get to make it special.

So, without further ado….

  1. Go to Comicon. In cosplay. I put this one first because, well, it’s already definitely going to happen. My husband and I are going to Philly Con on June 21st to meet his Doctor, Matt Smith and companion Karen Gillan. (My Doctor is Christopher Eccleston and unfortunately I do not think I’ll ever get to meet him in that setting since he is not the type of actor who goes to Con). I have since ordered a skirt off of Etsy to look like the TARDIS and John bought himself a fez and bow tie. Nerd Love ‚̧
  2. Organize all the family photos. I will have to post a picture of just HOW MANY pictures there are. I am a photo hoarder. When we moved out of my childhood home I snagged all the picture boxes and albums for myself. I like to think of myself as the family historian. But, they’ve taken over my bedroom and they need to be sorted. I wish my mom was around to help me, they are somewhat sorted. They are in in boxes based on years (like pre-85, 85-89, 90-93….and so on. I’m excited to tackle this project, but it will definitely require a good long weekend! Operation Stover Family Photo is a go!
  3. Cook 1 new recipe from my Food Network magazines and/or Pintrest a month. Pretty self explanatory. I love getting FNM every month and we have made a handful of dishes from it, but I have so many pages dog eared and we seem to be making the same things every week. It’s time to challenge myself, and I’m ready for it! Also, I have like 78457842564 (ok not that many) pins on the Food Stuffs board and need to start making this stuff. And now I’m hungry….
  4. Get closer to my goal weight. Yes, it would be lovely to actually hit my goal weight, but I have come to understand that it takes time and I could do with learning some patience.
  5. Become a better blogger. Aka not waiting over a month between posts.
  6. Painting With A Twist. It looks like so much fun and our house could use some more artwork. Who wants to join me!?
  7. Try Thai food. I like to think I’m relatively fearless when it comes to trying new food, there is not much I will not try once. I’ve tried multiple Indian dishes (homemade I might add), Chinese, Mexican, Japanese. Thai is one I have yet to try and I’d like to.
  8. De-clutter the house. This one sounds funny being on my list, but I’ve always been a packrat and I need to really go through all the stuff I have and start letting go of things I no longer need/use/wear. File this under emotional baggage.
  9. Get another tattoo. Sorry Dad. I’ve been wanting to get another tattoo for years, but I have yet to make a final decision on what I want and where. I still want to get one to honor my mom who passed away from color cancer 5 years ago. I’ve wanted to get my favorite song lyrics on me “Relax for a delicate few”, and I want to get one to commemorate my running accomplishments when I make them. At least one of these will happen this year.
  10. Adopt a dog. This is one that WILL happen. I’ve been begging my husband to let us get a dog for almost¬†a year now. He’s always the voice of reason, and he said that we will after we get back from or Disney trip this fall. AND I’M SO EXCITED!!! Ever since we lost the family dog Patch in 2013 the house just hasn’t felt the same without dog hair everywhere and someone to snuggle of the couch with. Now we just have to make the choice between rescuing a Pit-bull (like Patch was) or a Boston Terrier (like John and I have talked about getting for a while). Either way, Zeus will being joining the Anselmo Clan this winter!
  11. Go to the ballet. My parents took my sisters and I to see The Nutcracker performed in Philadelphia when I was 11 or 12 and I would love to see it again now that I’m older and can appreciate it much more. This has been on my “12 Dates of Christmas” that John and I like to do around the holidays but we have never been able to go, so now I have double the reason to go!
  12. See another Broadway play. Preferably a musical. Preferably Newsies or Aladdin. But I’d be happy with Lion King, Hairspray, or Chicago. I used to go to NYC all the time. I was lucky enough to see Beauty and the Beast, Kiss Me Kate, Aida (my favorite), Thoroughly Modern Millie, and Wicked (original cast!) with my high school choir class in high school and Wicked and 42nd Street in college, and this past summer my sister and I finally saw Mamma Mia!. There is just something so magical about the Great White Way. It will forever have a hold on me.
  13. Go to the Renaissance Faire. In 8th grade (yes 1998) my school took a trip to the Ren. Faire and I fell in love with it. Maybe that’s where my love for Tudor and Elizabethan Era historical fiction comes from, but I have never been there since and I think that’s such a sin. I might even add going in costume. Just for an extra nerd point.
  14. Go to a Drag Show. HOW HAVE I NEVER DONE THIS!? For those of you who don’t know, I am ob-sessed with RuPaul’s Drag Race. I want to be friends with drag queen. (Preferably Manila or JuJu..but any will do. Except Laganga and Gia…no thanks.) But I love the gay community and I think that drag is such a beautiful art form that I must see first hand. So much sass. I just love it.
  15. Transfer all the family home videos from VHS to DVD. This one is pretty self explanatory. And I also stole the videos when I took the pictures.
  16. Start up or join a book club. My friend Lindsey has been talking about this for some time and I really think it’s a good idea. It sometimes takes me a while to find new books that I like, I tend to fall in love with series and when I’m done them I do not know where to go. I’ve re-read Harry Potter completely at least 8 times, some books over 10 times (like books 4 and 7), I’ve re-read the Percy Jackson series multiple times, I’m currently re-reading the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices. A book club would help me expand out of YA and Tudor historical fiction. Because, really, how many books can one read about Henry and his wives? A lot apparently.
  17. Do a Pin-up Model photo shoot. Just for fun. I would love to made up with my hair all¬†retro and curled! And the fact that I don’t need to be stick thin to look sexy will make it a pretty empowering experience.
  18. DisneyBound for an entire month. Disnerd alert! For those who don’t know “Disney Bounding” is using a Disney character to influence your outfit. I’ve done it a handful of times, mostly when I’m actually IN Disney, but there is a challenge that the girl who developed the term does on her blog in March. 30 Days of DisneyBound. It’s something I’ve wanted to do but never thought I had enough clothing to make it work. It’ll be fun to see what I can come up with.
  19. Create my Family Tree. I would love to make a hard copy of my family tree. With Irish and German roots my family history is pretty interesting. I would also love to do my husband’s side as well. Irish and Italian! As you can see, history is another passion of mine.
  20. Complete a half marathon. This WILL happen. I’m really hoping to participate in the Philadelphia Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon next year. I want to get at least one Half under my belt before I sign up for the next major challenge, the Princess Glass Slipper Challenge in WDW Feb. 2016!
  21. Participate in 10 running events. This seems like a lot, but since this list goes from June 1 2014-August 18 2015….I only have 9 more to do! June 1st is completed the Girls On The Run 5k. The others on the list will hopefully be: Dash-n-Splash 5k ’14 and ’15, Broadstreet Run, RRHalf Philly, GOTR 5k this fall, Donor Dash 10k ’15, GYRIR 5k ’15, Tower of Terror 10 miler, and the 10th will hopefully be either the Cherry Blossom 10 miler or the Nike Women’s Half marathon in Washington D.C. (which leans me to….)
  22. Take a weekend trip to Washington D.C. I’ve been to D.C., but not for many years. I want to take the weekend and see all the war memorials, and the monuments, and the museums. History Nerd Overload! and if I get into either of the DC races, that would cross off two from my list! Score!
  23. Go to the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame. My husband and I are such music buffs. This is something the two of us would enjoy together. I know you can’t take pictures there-lame-but I would still love to see all the musical history that’s being celebrated there. I’ve always said that musically I was born in the wrong era. I would give anything to have seen Elvis and The Beatles, and the Stones, and Zeppelin, and all of those pioneers in person. I totally would have been best friends with Pamela des Barres.
  24. Sing karaoke. Why is this one so far down the list? Because it scares the CRAP out of me. I haven’t sung in front of anyone besides my husband since high school. Music is a highly personal thing for me and I’ve always been self conscience of my voice, even though I KNOW I’m decent.
  25. Ride a rollercoaster. I added this to make my husband happy. I’m such a wiener and I’m terrified of all rollercoasters. But maybe I’ll suck it up and go on the new Seven Dwarfs Mine ride when we’re at WDW in October.
  26. Take a class. Any class. I’ve been toying with the idea of going back to school for years. But I have no idea WHAT I want to do. But maybe if I just take a fun class it will spark something.
  27. Go to Las Vegas. Hopefully this one happens.¬†Next year is the year that my best girls and I turn 30. 2015. Starting with Mean in Feb, then Ash in July, me in August, and finally Heath on New Years Day. We’ve been throwing out the idea of celebrating with one big huge party for all 4 of us. Vegas would be ideal…don’t you girls think? *nudge nudge*
  28. Go to New Orleans. I’m just DYING to. This is probably the one that will not happen before next August, but it’s on the list anyway!
  29. Go to a Saints game. This could happen, but probably not this season either. The only dates that could be possible would be when they play the Steelers in Pittsburgh or the Browns in Cleveland (which we could do and include the R&R HoF…..) But John has already said that I WILL get to a Saints game eventually. It’s so hard being a¬†Saints fan in Philly. WHO DAT!!
  30. Visit my AHH. This one seems like it would be easy, but with JAHH being so spread out time and¬†money just don’t allow for us to see each other as much as I’d like. (JAHH= Jenna Ashlee Heather Heather.) But at least Mean is back in the US so that’s better than Korea!

So that’s my list. I’ll be keeping you all posted on how its going every month of so, depending on how it’s ¬†coming along. Let the year of fun begin!

What’s on YOUR bucket list? Tell me!

GOTR 5K and National Running Day

Published June 5, 2014 by thisprincesswillrun

I’m such a negligent blogger. It’s been over a month from my last post, but in all honesty, I haven’t had much to say. I’ve been following my AMOfitness program and running 3 times a week. I have been slowly getting my mile time faster and faster and my 1k times are looking quite competitive if I do say so myself!




I also did my fastest 5k time to date just on a random Wednesday!

This past Sunday was my 2nd race of the year, the Girls On The Run 5k in Flemmington, NJ. I really love this organization and everything they stand for. The family that I work for got involved this spring, mom as a coach and K as a runner. I love the values and lessons that young girls are being taught. It’s not just about running it’s about loving yourself and embracing all that you can do. If you’re not familiar with this program go check out their website to find out more info. I’m hoping to one day have the time to become a coach.
So Sunday was the regional 5k for some 1600 girls and coaches plus family members and other runners in the community could participate. It was suggested that I start with the first wave of runners before all the GOTR girls started. Aka, in Corral A with all the fast runners. I don’t ever want to do that again! (Not yet anyway). Talk about intimidating. I tried not to compare myself to all the other people, but it’s hard when you’re clearly not the same caliber. I was the only one rocking a Sparkle Athletic skirt, so that did help my concise nice because they make my butt look fast ūüėČ.

Being in the front also caused me to go out WAAAAAY too fast and because it was hotter I drained a lot of energy in the first 1/2 mile. The course also had another challenge…hills. Multiple hills. I had never done hills in a race or in training so that was a fun addition. and by fun I clearly mean not fun. I spent a good amount of time walking, especially up the hills but I made sure I kept an eye on my pace, always making sure I’m under 15 m/m even walking so I’m a-ok in October for Tower of Terror. But even with the heat, the sun, and the hills I finished with a 41.35 which I was happy about. Not my fastest but it’s not any slower than March. I placed 771 overall out of 1532 and 45th in my age group. But most importantly, I GOT MY FIRST MEDAL!!!!

I’m so proud. I definitely earned that, it was not given lightly.


Overall I was pleased with the race, and I can’t wait to do the next one in the Fall. That will probably be my first race post Disney so it will be interesting to see how they compare.

And for those who follow me on Instagram I partook in National Running Day yesterday. Just typing that sentence is still so weird to me. A year ago I wouldn’t even have known about let alone cared about such a day. But I was so excited to go out and run yesterday! Running really has changed my life. It has helped me overcome some of my demons and shut up the voice in my head that tells me I can’t do these things, because I’ve already proved that I can. And the running community is just so welcoming to all people! I really can not get over it. The support you get from absolute strangers on the journey is overwhelming and amazing. There are a few people I’ve “met” though Instagram and Facebook that I wish I could hug and thank them for all the kind words I get. I can not wait to meet them over the years at different races across the country. Be warned, I’m a hugger!
So yesterday I set a goal of 3 miles, secretly hoping I would be able to push myself to 4 miles. It was warm again and I got a side stitch after my first mile, but I keep running/walking. I would have kept going but I had errands to run and needed to shower, so I had to settle for another 5k completed. This weekend will see 4 miles though! We are 4 months away people…4 MONTHS!!! From yesterday!!! At this time in 4 months I will still be passed out in my bed at Pop Century with the hubs after completing 10 miles and partying like a Villain. I get giddy and nervous when I think about it, but this race is what started the obsession, and I haven’t even completed it yet! It’s so exciting to have long term goals again. Can not wait to see what the future brings.



Elevate A Little Higher

Published March 20, 2014 by thisprincesswillrun


As I have admitted before, I seriously suck with this whole blog this. But as I sit here slurping on my strawberry chocolate Shakeology waiting to go to the gym, I got somewhat inspired. Maybe it’s because it’s the first day of Spring! Maybe it’s because I know I haven’t posted in a while. Maybe it’s the lyrics to Big Time Rush… Whatever the reason here I am.

The last 2 weeks have been rough. My dad and I have stepped up our game and we go to Planet Fitness Monday-Friday when possible. I don’t run everyday, as much as I think that’s what I should be doing. But I’ve hit a wall. One day just getting through 2 miles takes every once of effort I have. And then a few days later I’m THIIIIIIIS close to PR’ing my 5k time. Like what the hell. My mind and my body are not in* sync.
And that’s when the doubt starts working it’s way up. I think I’ve done a really good job at staying positive so far, but last week I had some demons to battle. For example…Who the *%>|!¬£ signs up to do a 10 MILE RUN before they can do anything longer than 3 miles?

My husband goes a really great job calming me down when I turn into a head case. He believes in me far more then I ever could. My dad is also well versed in my craziness and told me to contact my friend who is a trainer to ask her advice. I don’t like to bother her because she is quite possibly the busiest person I’ve ever met. But she cleared her schedule for me last Friday and she’s writing me an insan(ly good) plan of attack for the next 6 months. AMO is legit one of the most amazing people I have in my life. Next week I should be able to start my program and then I’ll start feeling better.

I really admire people who can just go out and run. I have such a long journey to come. My first outside run since October was a hot mess. The treadmill has me so conditioned to follow the numbers on the magic running machine that I’ve forgotten how to listen to my body and pace myself out. I also need to replace my effing heart rate monitor.

But each day is a new day. And I have honestly never wanted anything as much as I want to run these races. I’ve always given up on myself and my dreams. But not this time. I’ve surrounded myself with a really fantastic support system that I’m just realizing I have.

Don’t even hesitate
Just let it escalate


Back In The Saddle Again

Published January 31, 2014 by thisprincesswillrun

Here we go. Day 1 on the road to runDisney. It’s still cold as the dickens outside, so I pulled on my big girl spandex shorts and my 2001 Powderpuff Football t-shirt from junior year of high school and I got on the elliptical.


The fact that I have access to a pretty sweet gym in the house I work at and stopped taking advantage of that is pretty inexcusable. But, until it gets warm enough for me to run outside again this is where I will be. Promise. Pinky swear.

I did 2 miles in 24 minutes which is about what my pace was when I was running in the fall. My ultimate goal (besides finishing the Tower of Terror 10 miler) is to get my miles down to about an 11 minute mile and hold it there.


I do enjoy the fact that I can completely indulge in my reborn love of Grey’s Anatomy while I do this. I think the reason I stopped coming down was my hatred of being bored. And even sometimes while I’m watching, I find myself just stating at the time/mile/calorie counters to figure out when I can stop. Hopefully that is something I can overcome in the coming months.

Next order of business is to invest in another good pair of running shoes. I also need multiple pairs of spandex running pants and high quality sports bras. If anyone has some suggestions I’m alllllll Mickey ears!

No Day But Today

Published January 29, 2014 by thisprincesswillrun


So I have officially decided to start a blog to keep track of my life. I guess we should begin at the beginning.

My name is Jenna.
28 years old.
Married for a little over a year.
Nanny/Life Assistant to a great family.
Swim Coach.
Aspiring runner.
Obsessed with Disney, OAR, reading, and making lists.

If you decide to continue reading my blog you will see a LOT of lists. And possible even more Disney references. You could probably start a drinking game. Or a workout game if we’re going to stick to theme of this blog.

And that’s where we will start. A brief history of how I got to this point.

I was always active growing up. I played softball, soccer, and I swam until age 11 when my mom made my 2 sisters and I pick one sport. I can’t say I blame her, summers were beyond hectic with softball, soccer, and swimming practices and games/meets to go to. So at age 11, in 1995, I made the choice to be a swimmer. (My mom told me years later that she should have persuaded me to stick with softball because I had more natural talent in that sport than in swimming. Gee thanks mom.) And for the next 10+ years, that is how I defined myself. A swimmer . Now, that was all well and good until I graduated high school in 2003, and stopped actually swimming. I got a job after high school teaching swim lessons which I kept for almost 10 years. I happen to really truly love the sport of swimming. Hence the reason I became a coach of my local team. And even though my husband hates how much time it consumes, I wouldn’t give this up for anything.

But, as I said, I have not physically swam more than 20 laps at a time in close to 10 years now. And I gained weight. And I gained more weight. And I found trainers at the gym I worked at to train me. And I lost some weight. Then I didn’t have any money to train. And I gained the weight back. I think you can see the viscous cycle this took. I had no will power. Not even my own WEDDING could motivate me to lose weight.

The one thing that has begun the motivation process is Disney World. More specifically all of the different races that they host there. I heard about the Princess 1/2 Marathon years ago from a parent of a swim lesson. And every year I would say “next year I’m going to do that” and every year I found a new excuse not to. It’s too expensive. I don’t have the time to train for it. It scares the hell out of me.

Well this summer of had enough. There was a 5k that my employers ran last year and were doing again. So I signed my husband and I up and set about the task of running. And it was awful. Everything bounced. And I mean everything. And my feet hurt. And my head hurt. But everyday I would go out and run another lap around the development with the kids. Until one day I was running for a mile. Nonstop. Now, when I day run I mean more of a bouncy walk, but I kept going. And on race day I ran the whole 5k. 3.1 miles of nonstop movement. I came in almost last. And my pace went from a good 11 minute mile to 15 minutes on the last 2 miles, but I finished. And I didn’t stop.

And then I discovered that in October, Disney does a night time 10 mile run around Hollywood Studios. I proposed the idea to my husband that we make our 2014 vacation a run-cation. I’m still not sure how he feels about the whole thing but sign ups are on Feb 11th, and I’m signing the both of us up.

And this blog will follow my training, eating, and excitement leading up to the race and hopefully other to follow!