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Get Your Rear In Gear Philly 4 Mile Race Recap

Published March 31, 2015 by thisprincesswillrun

It’s my first race recap of 2015, hooray! 

For those who may or may not know, my goal for 2015 is to complete one race every month from March-December (and then hopefully continue all of 2016!). I am very happy to start off my 2015 race season by completing the GYRIG 4 mile race in Philadelphia on Sunday March 22nd. The very first 5k that I participated in was the GYRIG 5k back in 2011. My sister, Kim, found out about the race and convinced me to sign up. Of course I wasn’t going to run for the first time without more support, so I convinced my fiancé (husband now), best friend, and her boyfriend (husband now as well) to run with me. That first race I completed in 47 minutes and some change. 


The race as since been moved to a different location in the city and made into a longer race. I really enjoyed the changes! I had only ever run 4 miles for training runs while preparing for the Tower of Terror 10 miler last year so I was pumped to be running something longer than a 5k but not as scary as a 10k + for the first race of the year. 


As you can see it was not a typical run 2 miles one way-turn around-run 2 miles back. There were lots on turns and different elevations over the 4 miles. Some of those inclines were rough but it made the course interesting. My favorite part was right after mile marker 2 there was a decent downhill stretch that I was able to really open up and pick up some speed. 

The morning started out early, 6am wake up call to make sure we were ready and out the door before 7. And you notice in the 2011 pictures I’m in shorts and a tshirt? It was pretty chilly that day, but nothing compared to the 27 degrees it was this year!! 




I wasn’t messing around this year. I had my Sparkly Soul headband (that I had bought a matching one for my BRF-Arianne to wear while she did the virtual 4 miles as part of #TeamHundredAcreWood!), turquoise Sparkle Athletic skirt that is a part of the #TeamSparkle traveling skirts, long sleeve Old Navy tech shirt, and my husband suprised me with having Team shirts made for everyone running/walking in honor of my mom to wear. 



We made really good time getting to the Please Touch Museum entrance of Fairmont Park. Parking was a breeze and I picked up our bibs and bags while John handed out the shirts to our team members. We had 6 runners,  2 walkers, 1 virtual, 2 cheerleaders, and 1 virtual cheerleader in China (hey Kim!) 




The hardest part was staying warm! We were there a little after 7 am and the race wasn’t set to begin until 8:30. That proved to be a slight setback once we started running. The best thing I did was wear my gloves during the race though! My hands were nice and warm the whole time and that definitely helped me stay focused. 

Finally, FINALLY it was time to start. We crossed the starting line and I turned on my nike+ app and turned up my running playlist and let that take over. It took well over a mile for my feet to warm up, my left foot in particular was numb and even though it wasu fastest mile it wasn’t my most steady. Mile 2 had some inclines so my time dipped a littl and by then we were back toward the start and the walkers had started. It definitely got cramped, but I just thought of it as practice for my next runDisney event (PHM 2016!!!) 😝 about a quarter mile after I ran into the walkers came that glorious downhill slope so I hit the snowy grass and got around as many big groups as I could and picked up some speed. Right around mile 3 was the only water stop and by then I was starting to reflect on my mom and how much I missed her and how I hated to be running in memory of her instead of in honor of her as a survivor.  It wasn’t until m nike app told me my time for 3 miles and I realized how close I was to a PR for my 5k time! I picked it up and kept moving forward, less than a mile left! I finished strong and loved seeing my sister Megan and her husband Garry right at the finish line cheering me on! They even made the GYRIG Facebook page! 


John finished a few minutes after me. Then we waited for my dad and his friend Tina to finish the 2 mile walk and then we were all starving, breakfast was calling all our names! 




I PR’d my 5k time with 39.08 and also bested my 4 mile time from last year too! My official race finish time was 52.03, but I’m happy with that. This was a great first race for me and I had an average pace of 12’38, which is great and exactly where I want to be for the Donor Dash 10k on April 19th, and two weeks later when I take one my second 10 mile race, The Broadstreet Run!

I really loved this race and everything it stands for. I plan on doing this every year I can, and I will also be keeping #TeamHundredAcreWood going so if you want to join next year please let me know! An don’t forget  to check out to find a race in your area! 

Up next, #TeamSparkle Virtual 5k!