5 Races In 3 Months, It Might Be Time To Get My Head Checked.

Published February 25, 2015 by thisprincesswillrun

So February is nearly over which means one thing…my race season begins in 3 weeks! 😱 Yikes!

Just a refresher-my plan for 2015 is to run at least 1 race every month starting in March. My first race is one that means so much to me, the Get Your Rear In Gear 4 mile run. This was not only my very first race I completed in 2009 (in which I then took a veryong running hiatus until 2013) but this race brings Colon Cancer awareness and funding to the cities the races are held in each year. My mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in 2007. She fought so hard until her body just could not keep up the fight. She passed away April 18th 2009. This past Monday, Feb 23rd, would have been her 55th birthday. So I decided that I was going to make this race my must-do every year starting this year. I also decided I would start a team and get as many other people as I could to do this with me. 

So I started Team Hundred Acre Wood in honor of my mom. She loved Disney and Winnie the Pooh in particular. If you are interested in running (or doing the 2 mile walk) with me on March 22nd in Philadelphia here is the link to sign up: GYRIG 4 mile There is also a virtual race option, and if you sign up I will personally mail you your shirt at no cost to you. Donations can also be made, and every little bit can help another family to celebrate more birthdays with their loved ones. 

April will be a very busy month! I will be completing my first virtual rave curtisy of  Team Sparkle 

Those fabulous girls are running a Ragnar Relay race to help support Rett Syndrome. I’m so excited to run around Perkasie in my purple sparkle skirt to earn this bling!

April 19th will be my very first 10k race! I completed the Donor Dash 5k last year and wanted to challenge myself to a longer distance this year. 

BUT! Even bigger news than these races for April is my TRIP TO NEW ORLEANS!!!! John and I will be joining the family I work for on a trip I didn’t think would be possible yet. A weekend in the French Quarter! I’m so excited I don’t even have words. 

May wasn’t looking very good when I got this email last week: 

Not going to lie, I was pretty bummed. I started second guessing if I was trying to do too much and that maybe this was a blessing. Until I found out that someone was selling their bib! So within 24 hours I went from not running Broad Street…to definitely running The Broad Street 10 miler! I will have the rest of the month to recover before I do the Girls On The Run 5k in Flemmington, NJ on 5/31 also! I’m pretty psyched to see how I handle that race this year, it was a bit if a rough one for me last year with the hills and the heat. 

And that’s just the Spring! Summer, Fall, and Winter races are all planned too! 

What’s your race schedule looking like this year? 


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