Published January 16, 2015 by thisprincesswillrun

Yes, I just hashtagged my title.
But if you follow me on Instagram then you know I’m a little hashtag obsessed. But ONLY on Instagram, I don’t hashtag Facebook that’s just stupid. Stop doing it.
I digress.
I decided that in 2015 I wanted to run one race a month starting in March. Why starting in March? Well, two reasons. First, I ran a total of 3 times after I got back from Disney. Between
my 2 nanny jobs and coaching swimming I didn’t have time and if I did I was freaking exhausted. And second reason…it’s bloody cold in PA during January and February!!
So I started working out this week, hit the treadmill 2 times with dad at Planet Fitness, the elliptical and weights once, and had my consolation with Adj and found out I have quote a few things I need to fix and strengthen so I don’t get any injuries.

In my 30 Before 30 I had said I wanted to complete 10 races before I turned 30 on august 18th. Well, between the 4 I did last year and my schedule for this year I will not obtain that goal by the 18th, I will however obtain that goal by August 19th. My 2015 race calendar is looking like this so far:
March 22: Get Your Rear In Gear 4 miler in Philly
April 19: Philly Donor Dash 10k
May 3: Broadstreet Run 10 miler *fingers crossed I get picked in the lottery! It opens Feb 2nd*
June 13: Honor & Courage Wounded Hero 5k in Warminster
July: TBD. I haven’t found any local race right now, but I might try to do one in Avalon, NJ in the summer. If all else fails I will do a virtual 5k.
August 19: Dash-n-Splash 5k in Hatfield. This will be my 3rd time doing this race, and I will officially be 30!
September: Rock-n-Roll Philly 1/2 Marathon (and possibly 5k). Date had yet to be announced due to the Pope visiting the city during September. But this will be my first 1/2!!
October: TBD
November: TBD
December: TBD

If anyone had any suggestions for the months I have open I’m all ears!
All of this will be in preparation for my first major runDisney event; the 2016 Princess Weekend. The goal is to run 3 races in 3 days-5k, 10k, and 1/2 marathon earning 4 medals to add to my beautiful medal holder I got for Christmas from Gone For A Run.

So if you’re on Instagram and search the hashtags #thisprincesswillrun and #JennaRuns2015 that’s me! Follow me on my journey there as well!

What are your goals for 2015? Tell me!


2 comments on “#JennaRuns2015

  • Lights in the Parkway 5K in Allentown is always a blast, and the best possible way to see the Lights display! It’ usually right around Thanksgiving. Two years ago, it was the Wednesday after. This year, it was supposed to be the day before Thanksgiving, but thanks to Mother Nature dumping almost a foot of snow on the Lehigh Valley that day, it got postponed to December 29. As far as I know, they haven’t announced a date yet for 2015, but that should cover you for either November or December!

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