Walt Disney World Tower of Terror 10 miler weekend Recap-Expo.

Published October 13, 2014 by thisprincesswillrun

I bet you all thought is given up on the blog didn’t you? This summer was a crazy busy one and besides a 5k race I ran in August, there was really nothing of substance to report on. (Although I DID PR my 5k race time and set a PR for that course, and ran as Buzz Lightyear so it was a win all around.)

But I digress.
After months and weeks and days of counting down, it was FINALLY time to leave Perkasie for Orlando at the butt-crack of darkness 4am. My wonderful sister Megan stayed over Thursday into Friday to drive us to the airport Friday morning. I paid her in Milano cookies and starbursts. We got through security easily and went to wait at the Gate. We had just enough time to eat half of a McDonalds breakfast (yuck! But it’s the only thing open that early by the Southwest gates) and chug a few sips of coffee before it was time to hop on the plane! I love flying in the early morning and watching the sun rise whole up in the air.

The excitement of arriving at the Orlando Airport never gets old. We collected our luggage lightning fast and climbed on the Magic Express to our hotel, Pop Century.

Luckily we were able to get into our room right away and get settled in. Even though it was only 11am, being up at 4am had us feeling like the day was half over already. But we had dinner reservations that night and John was just itching to get to a park, so we boarded a bus to take us literallyacross the street to the ESPN Wide World of Sports and pick up our bibs for Saturday. It was our first expo experience and I was super excited to check out the vendors. We got our bibs and event guides with no hassle, took a picture with our bibs which is on my camera and not my phone so I can’t post that just yet and then headed over to the expo to get our official race shirts and see the vendors. John was really not into it, but he let me geek out a little. We each bought an I DID IT t-shirt, which I was very nervous about buying beforehand, but the runDisney guys made a good point saying “the shirt doesn’t say I FINISHED, just that you did it.” You got me there. And there was nothing that was going to stop me from finishing! I could have spent soooooo much money on runDisney merch but I restrained and only bought a runDisney Sweaty Band as well. I also stopped by the Sparkly Soul booth and bought 2 more headbands, skinny black & gold (for Saints game days) and a skinny green & white (to wear at swim meets). By then I was feeling overwhelmed by all the excitement and knew I shouldn’t spend any more money, and I could tell John was getting antsy. So I took a quick look at the Sparkle Athletic and Raw Threads booths and drooled over the new villains bow tank/shirt line.

We returned to our room, changed out of our sweaty clothes (a theme of the week, changing clothes during the day because it was WICKED hot!) and set off to the Magic Kingdom before our dinner at 1900 Park Fare and finishing the night at EPCOT. By the time we finally fell into bed Friday night it was only 24 hours before our first official runDisney event! And the nerves started to kick in.







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