Philly Comicon 2014 (aka 30 Before 30 #1)

Published June 29, 2014 by thisprincesswillrun

It may seem like all I obsess about is Disney and running (that’s still so damn weird to say!) but I am hands down one of the nerdiest girls alive. If it’s a cult classic then it’s a sure bet I love it. Rocky Horror Picture Show. Princess Bride. Super Mario Brothers. Star Wars. Disney Princesses and Villains. Twilight (books not the movies). Percy Jackson. Harry Potter. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The list goes on and on. But most recently, Doctor Who.
I know I know I’m super late to the party. But my youngest sister and my oldest friend turned me into a Whovian. I binge watched all the NuWho last year, falling in love with each Doctor for different reasons. 9 because he’s just SO SASSY! 10 because well, just look at him. He’s pretty. And 11 because you can’t help but laugh at his insane-ness. But 9 is my Doctor. He was my first and he’s still my favorite.
My husband on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with DW. Which is fine. I never forced him to watch. All of the sudden earlier this year he started paying attention when I had it on. And he started liking it, and before I knew it, he was ob.sessed. Like, he know owns more Who T-shirts than I do! But I like that we have something else to feel out about together.
My friend Robbie who lives on Long Island told me he was coming down to Philly for Comicon in June. We don’t get to see each other often so John and I entertained the idea of going to Con, just to hang out with Robbie. That is, until one night when I had a raging headache and I’m laying down on John’s lap looking at Facebook (pretty sure Doctor Who was on Netflix) and I see a new post from Wizard World-Matt Smith will be at Philly Comicon with Karen Gillan on June 20 & 21. Had I NOT had a headache I would have been thrown on the floor so John could go get his laptop. Seriously. Matt is John’s Doctor, needless to say, we would definitely be going to Con now.

Going to Con.
With passes to the dual photo opp.
And passes to the dual panel.

We were officially crossing the line into Supreme Nerd Territory.
And we never looked back.

Robbie has this awesome Gender Bent Wonder Woman cosplay costume that he was wearing one day and was working on an incredible King Elsan (male cosplay Queen Elsa), so I knew I wanted to get involved in cosplay for the big day as well. John ordered himself a Bow Ties Are Cool t-shirt and a fez to wear that day, I knew there would be a gazillion Companion and Doctors walking around so I started looking on Etsy for something more unique. And I found it. A 50’s inspired custom made TARDIS blue skirt with the sign that is on the Doctor’s time machine. I had to have it! {I will link the etsy shop shortly, I’m having difficulty doing it on my phone. I want everyone to see the work this shop does, it’s fantastic!}

So Saturday June 21st arrived and John and I were awake by 6am to get ready and be out the door by no later than 7:30. We wanted to be at the Convention Center as close to 10 as possible since we were only doing the general admission for the Doctor Who panel and wanted to make sure we got a decent spot in line.


We saw so many really terrific cosplay outfits, all the Doctors and most of the companions were represented, a lot of fezzes, too many DW dresses from Hot Topic, and even a Weeping Angel! Soon it was time to go in and we were VERY excited!





The panel was an hour and half and it was worth every penny! It was so great to see that even though both Matt and Karen’s time on the show is over, they are both so thankful of their time on DW and of all the fans who still love them. After the panel we had to run downstairs to get our wristbands so we could get onto the actual floor with all the booths and then get in line for our photo opp. That was the only part of the day that felt long. Over an hour of waiting for our 5 seconds with Matt and Karen. BUT, we met them and have a really great picture to put in the living room. (Seriously).


Finally we were able to roam around and soak in all the nerdiness. We found Robbie and spent the rest of the day in the presence of royalty and had a really great time at our first con. The rest of the post will be pictures from the day.















They announced the dates for next year, and I’m already planning my Rose Tyler outfit!
Has anyone else ever been to a Comicon? Did you dress up?


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