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Philly Donor Dash 5k Recap

Published April 15, 2014 by thisprincesswillrun

I get to do my first recap! Woo! This is exciting. This past Sunday was my first race since last summer’s Dash-n-Splash 5k.

The hubs and I had been fighting off nasty head colds and coughs all week. We were supposed to meet friends Saturday night but we got into bed to lay down for a little around 8 and never got out. I took a heavy dose of NyQuil and was OUT before 9pm. But before that I made sure everything I needed for the race was together and ready.

There’s Flat Jenna ready to run!

6am the alarms go off. John is unable to function without a shower, so he very begrudgingly got up and headed to the bathroom. Even though the race wasn’t starting until 9:20, we wanted to get there as close to 8:30 as possible, which meant being out the door by 7:30 at the latest. I was very happy I sent out my outfit the night before, it made the groggy morning go smoothly. I was SO excited to be putting on my green sparkle skirt by Sparkle Athletic! I opted for black capris over my new running tights but still went with the long sleeve 3/4 zip top. Pennsylvania weather has been so screwy lately, I didn’t want to take the chance on freezing if it didn’t warm up.




Got to get my coffee in while waiting for the hubs. He’s so not a morning person, which is why I’m even more proud of him for joining me on this journey.

We finally got into the city and found parking relatively quickly which was wonderful. When we ran GYRIG in 2010 we drive around for at least 30 minutes before finding a parking spot 2578521 blocks away.

I felt so awesome walking around in my Sparkle skirt, I was really hoping to see others rocking the skirt! My sister in law got there before us, so she got our bibs and shirts. John’s friend Kristen was volunteering at the registration tent so we stopped by to see her before going to find Team Goodchild. John, Nicole, and I were the only ones running so unfortunately we were going to miss this official team photo but we were able to get one before they called the 5k runners to starting area.


And then it was time! The week before Nicole came up and we went for a run and she and I were able to run for 2.5 miles together while talking. So I figured that’s how we would run today. Unfortunately that’s not what happened, there were so many people it was hard to navigate. Nicole ended up a head of me and John got behind. And that’s how it stayed. Which is fine, I’m a big girl I can run by myself. But that first mile always feels ETERNAL. According to my Nike+ running app, I ran mile 1 in 12ish minutes which is great but I think I may have gone out too fast. Plus it was HOT. Now I was starting to regret my long sleeve shirt choice. So after mile 1 I took a walk break, making sure it was a power walk. I tried to walk only until my pulse came down then is run again. Mile 2 was a little slower but I still maintained a sub 13 mile which was awesome. But then mile 3 hit. And I evaded up walking probably 3/4 of mile 3. There was an overpass we had to go under at the beginning and end of the race, and let me tell you that shade and breeze was very much welcomed. Once I passed there I could see the finish and knew I had to finish strong. So I picked up the pace and kept my eye out for the photographer! I HAD to have a decent finish photo, after last years race I wanted to show myself that I’m not just doing this to get fit, I’m doing this because I like it as well!



It was so nice have my family there cheering my finish. And John was only 4 minutes behind me. But the most important thing? I PR’d!!!!

Last years 5k was 46 (brutal) minutes and my fastest 5k on the treadmill was 42 minutes. I’m so incredibly proud of myself and my husband and sister in law. I can’t wait to sign up for my next race!



Come On And Do It

Published April 3, 2014 by thisprincesswillrun

I’m not kidding, I’ve been trying to log onto this stupid app for over an effing week. Finally I just deleted it and reloaded. Apparently that did the trick. Sometimes I really hate technology. But I digress.

March was a serious struggle. I started a program that my friend and trainer designed specifically for me to get me ready for the Tower of Terror 10 miler in 6 months (from tomorrow! )
I’m not quote sure what happened, but all of the sudden one bad workout turned into two, and then that pain the ass voice of Doubt knocked me on my butt. And then there was a family issue that just caused me to loose all my focus. like sitting in the locker room changing room crying for 20 minutes and then going and sitting in my car in the parking lot crying for another 30 minutes. It was a rough day, but that day also helped me see that this journey is first and foremost about ME.

This program that I’m on is no joke. I’m in my second week and I honestly can not tell you a day that some part of my body has not been sore. I took today off because I needed it. I think it was more for mental health, but I’m ok with it. Tomorrow is another speed day, and then I have a date with my dad for sushi for lunch. Super excited.

Saturday my sister in law is coming up to go for a run with the husband and I. The 3 of us are signed up for a 5k next Sunday…and neither my husband not my sister in law have started preparing. Hopefully this kicks my husband in the ass to get started on TOT training. he’s going to hate me for saying that.

On Sunday I get to call and make our Disney Dining Reservations! You have no idea, this is my favorite part of going to Walt Disney World, FOOOOOD. If all goes well here is where we will be noshing pre and post TOT:
*Be Our Guest
*Rose & Crown Pub
*Mamma Melrose (Fantasmic package duh!)
*Tusker House (our only must-do repeat, it’s the best place to go for breakfast)
*1900 Park Fare
*and it’s still in the air to do 50’s Prime Time Cafe or Crystal Palace

I will also be ordering my first Sparkle skirt this weekend! The Donor Dash 5k in Philly will be my sparkle debut, I’m so excited!

Come on and do it,
Don’t care how you it’s just how you feel.
Come on and do it,
You’ve got to make it real.
Come on and do it,
It’s time to fee what’s in your soul.
You’ve got to get it right, it’s time, come on freak out loose control!