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Back In The Saddle Again

Published January 31, 2014 by thisprincesswillrun

Here we go. Day 1 on the road to runDisney. It’s still cold as the dickens outside, so I pulled on my big girl spandex shorts and my 2001 Powderpuff Football t-shirt from junior year of high school and I got on the elliptical.


The fact that I have access to a pretty sweet gym in the house I work at and stopped taking advantage of that is pretty inexcusable. But, until it gets warm enough for me to run outside again this is where I will be. Promise. Pinky swear.

I did 2 miles in 24 minutes which is about what my pace was when I was running in the fall. My ultimate goal (besides finishing the Tower of Terror 10 miler) is to get my miles down to about an 11 minute mile and hold it there.


I do enjoy the fact that I can completely indulge in my reborn love of Grey’s Anatomy while I do this. I think the reason I stopped coming down was my hatred of being bored. And even sometimes while I’m watching, I find myself just stating at the time/mile/calorie counters to figure out when I can stop. Hopefully that is something I can overcome in the coming months.

Next order of business is to invest in another good pair of running shoes. I also need multiple pairs of spandex running pants and high quality sports bras. If anyone has some suggestions I’m alllllll Mickey ears!


No Day But Today

Published January 29, 2014 by thisprincesswillrun


So I have officially decided to start a blog to keep track of my life. I guess we should begin at the beginning.

My name is Jenna.
28 years old.
Married for a little over a year.
Nanny/Life Assistant to a great family.
Swim Coach.
Aspiring runner.
Obsessed with Disney, OAR, reading, and making lists.

If you decide to continue reading my blog you will see a LOT of lists. And possible even more Disney references. You could probably start a drinking game. Or a workout game if we’re going to stick to theme of this blog.

And that’s where we will start. A brief history of how I got to this point.

I was always active growing up. I played softball, soccer, and I swam until age 11 when my mom made my 2 sisters and I pick one sport. I can’t say I blame her, summers were beyond hectic with softball, soccer, and swimming practices and games/meets to go to. So at age 11, in 1995, I made the choice to be a swimmer. (My mom told me years later that she should have persuaded me to stick with softball because I had more natural talent in that sport than in swimming. Gee thanks mom.) And for the next 10+ years, that is how I defined myself. A swimmer . Now, that was all well and good until I graduated high school in 2003, and stopped actually swimming. I got a job after high school teaching swim lessons which I kept for almost 10 years. I happen to really truly love the sport of swimming. Hence the reason I became a coach of my local team. And even though my husband hates how much time it consumes, I wouldn’t give this up for anything.

But, as I said, I have not physically swam more than 20 laps at a time in close to 10 years now. And I gained weight. And I gained more weight. And I found trainers at the gym I worked at to train me. And I lost some weight. Then I didn’t have any money to train. And I gained the weight back. I think you can see the viscous cycle this took. I had no will power. Not even my own WEDDING could motivate me to lose weight.

The one thing that has begun the motivation process is Disney World. More specifically all of the different races that they host there. I heard about the Princess 1/2 Marathon years ago from a parent of a swim lesson. And every year I would say “next year I’m going to do that” and every year I found a new excuse not to. It’s too expensive. I don’t have the time to train for it. It scares the hell out of me.

Well this summer of had enough. There was a 5k that my employers ran last year and were doing again. So I signed my husband and I up and set about the task of running. And it was awful. Everything bounced. And I mean everything. And my feet hurt. And my head hurt. But everyday I would go out and run another lap around the development with the kids. Until one day I was running for a mile. Nonstop. Now, when I day run I mean more of a bouncy walk, but I kept going. And on race day I ran the whole 5k. 3.1 miles of nonstop movement. I came in almost last. And my pace went from a good 11 minute mile to 15 minutes on the last 2 miles, but I finished. And I didn’t stop.

And then I discovered that in October, Disney does a night time 10 mile run around Hollywood Studios. I proposed the idea to my husband that we make our 2014 vacation a run-cation. I’m still not sure how he feels about the whole thing but sign ups are on Feb 11th, and I’m signing the both of us up.

And this blog will follow my training, eating, and excitement leading up to the race and hopefully other to follow!