Get Your Rear In Gear Philly 4 Mile Race Recap

Published March 31, 2015 by thisprincesswillrun

It’s my first race recap of 2015, hooray! 

For those who may or may not know, my goal for 2015 is to complete one race every month from March-December (and then hopefully continue all of 2016!). I am very happy to start off my 2015 race season by completing the GYRIG 4 mile race in Philadelphia on Sunday March 22nd. The very first 5k that I participated in was the GYRIG 5k back in 2011. My sister, Kim, found out about the race and convinced me to sign up. Of course I wasn’t going to run for the first time without more support, so I convinced my fiancé (husband now), best friend, and her boyfriend (husband now as well) to run with me. That first race I completed in 47 minutes and some change. 


The race as since been moved to a different location in the city and made into a longer race. I really enjoyed the changes! I had only ever run 4 miles for training runs while preparing for the Tower of Terror 10 miler last year so I was pumped to be running something longer than a 5k but not as scary as a 10k + for the first race of the year. 


As you can see it was not a typical run 2 miles one way-turn around-run 2 miles back. There were lots on turns and different elevations over the 4 miles. Some of those inclines were rough but it made the course interesting. My favorite part was right after mile marker 2 there was a decent downhill stretch that I was able to really open up and pick up some speed. 

The morning started out early, 6am wake up call to make sure we were ready and out the door before 7. And you notice in the 2011 pictures I’m in shorts and a tshirt? It was pretty chilly that day, but nothing compared to the 27 degrees it was this year!! 




I wasn’t messing around this year. I had my Sparkly Soul headband (that I had bought a matching one for my BRF-Arianne to wear while she did the virtual 4 miles as part of #TeamHundredAcreWood!), turquoise Sparkle Athletic skirt that is a part of the #TeamSparkle traveling skirts, long sleeve Old Navy tech shirt, and my husband suprised me with having Team shirts made for everyone running/walking in honor of my mom to wear. 



We made really good time getting to the Please Touch Museum entrance of Fairmont Park. Parking was a breeze and I picked up our bibs and bags while John handed out the shirts to our team members. We had 6 runners,  2 walkers, 1 virtual, 2 cheerleaders, and 1 virtual cheerleader in China (hey Kim!) 




The hardest part was staying warm! We were there a little after 7 am and the race wasn’t set to begin until 8:30. That proved to be a slight setback once we started running. The best thing I did was wear my gloves during the race though! My hands were nice and warm the whole time and that definitely helped me stay focused. 

Finally, FINALLY it was time to start. We crossed the starting line and I turned on my nike+ app and turned up my running playlist and let that take over. It took well over a mile for my feet to warm up, my left foot in particular was numb and even though it wasu fastest mile it wasn’t my most steady. Mile 2 had some inclines so my time dipped a littl and by then we were back toward the start and the walkers had started. It definitely got cramped, but I just thought of it as practice for my next runDisney event (PHM 2016!!!) 😝 about a quarter mile after I ran into the walkers came that glorious downhill slope so I hit the snowy grass and got around as many big groups as I could and picked up some speed. Right around mile 3 was the only water stop and by then I was starting to reflect on my mom and how much I missed her and how I hated to be running in memory of her instead of in honor of her as a survivor.  It wasn’t until m nike app told me my time for 3 miles and I realized how close I was to a PR for my 5k time! I picked it up and kept moving forward, less than a mile left! I finished strong and loved seeing my sister Megan and her husband Garry right at the finish line cheering me on! They even made the GYRIG Facebook page! 


John finished a few minutes after me. Then we waited for my dad and his friend Tina to finish the 2 mile walk and then we were all starving, breakfast was calling all our names! 




I PR’d my 5k time with 39.08 and also bested my 4 mile time from last year too! My official race finish time was 52.03, but I’m happy with that. This was a great first race for me and I had an average pace of 12’38, which is great and exactly where I want to be for the Donor Dash 10k on April 19th, and two weeks later when I take one my second 10 mile race, The Broadstreet Run!

I really loved this race and everything it stands for. I plan on doing this every year I can, and I will also be keeping #TeamHundredAcreWood going so if you want to join next year please let me know! An don’t forget  to check out to find a race in your area! 

Up next, #TeamSparkle Virtual 5k! 


5 Races In 3 Months, It Might Be Time To Get My Head Checked.

Published February 25, 2015 by thisprincesswillrun

So February is nearly over which means one thing…my race season begins in 3 weeks! 😱 Yikes!

Just a refresher-my plan for 2015 is to run at least 1 race every month starting in March. My first race is one that means so much to me, the Get Your Rear In Gear 4 mile run. This was not only my very first race I completed in 2009 (in which I then took a veryong running hiatus until 2013) but this race brings Colon Cancer awareness and funding to the cities the races are held in each year. My mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in 2007. She fought so hard until her body just could not keep up the fight. She passed away April 18th 2009. This past Monday, Feb 23rd, would have been her 55th birthday. So I decided that I was going to make this race my must-do every year starting this year. I also decided I would start a team and get as many other people as I could to do this with me. 

So I started Team Hundred Acre Wood in honor of my mom. She loved Disney and Winnie the Pooh in particular. If you are interested in running (or doing the 2 mile walk) with me on March 22nd in Philadelphia here is the link to sign up: GYRIG 4 mile There is also a virtual race option, and if you sign up I will personally mail you your shirt at no cost to you. Donations can also be made, and every little bit can help another family to celebrate more birthdays with their loved ones. 

April will be a very busy month! I will be completing my first virtual rave curtisy of  Team Sparkle 

Those fabulous girls are running a Ragnar Relay race to help support Rett Syndrome. I’m so excited to run around Perkasie in my purple sparkle skirt to earn this bling!

April 19th will be my very first 10k race! I completed the Donor Dash 5k last year and wanted to challenge myself to a longer distance this year. 

BUT! Even bigger news than these races for April is my TRIP TO NEW ORLEANS!!!! John and I will be joining the family I work for on a trip I didn’t think would be possible yet. A weekend in the French Quarter! I’m so excited I don’t even have words. 

May wasn’t looking very good when I got this email last week: 

Not going to lie, I was pretty bummed. I started second guessing if I was trying to do too much and that maybe this was a blessing. Until I found out that someone was selling their bib! So within 24 hours I went from not running Broad Street…to definitely running The Broad Street 10 miler! I will have the rest of the month to recover before I do the Girls On The Run 5k in Flemmington, NJ on 5/31 also! I’m pretty psyched to see how I handle that race this year, it was a bit if a rough one for me last year with the hills and the heat. 

And that’s just the Spring! Summer, Fall, and Winter races are all planned too! 

What’s your race schedule looking like this year? 


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Yes, I just hashtagged my title.
But if you follow me on Instagram then you know I’m a little hashtag obsessed. But ONLY on Instagram, I don’t hashtag Facebook that’s just stupid. Stop doing it.
I digress.
I decided that in 2015 I wanted to run one race a month starting in March. Why starting in March? Well, two reasons. First, I ran a total of 3 times after I got back from Disney. Between
my 2 nanny jobs and coaching swimming I didn’t have time and if I did I was freaking exhausted. And second reason…it’s bloody cold in PA during January and February!!
So I started working out this week, hit the treadmill 2 times with dad at Planet Fitness, the elliptical and weights once, and had my consolation with Adj and found out I have quote a few things I need to fix and strengthen so I don’t get any injuries.

In my 30 Before 30 I had said I wanted to complete 10 races before I turned 30 on august 18th. Well, between the 4 I did last year and my schedule for this year I will not obtain that goal by the 18th, I will however obtain that goal by August 19th. My 2015 race calendar is looking like this so far:
March 22: Get Your Rear In Gear 4 miler in Philly
April 19: Philly Donor Dash 10k
May 3: Broadstreet Run 10 miler *fingers crossed I get picked in the lottery! It opens Feb 2nd*
June 13: Honor & Courage Wounded Hero 5k in Warminster
July: TBD. I haven’t found any local race right now, but I might try to do one in Avalon, NJ in the summer. If all else fails I will do a virtual 5k.
August 19: Dash-n-Splash 5k in Hatfield. This will be my 3rd time doing this race, and I will officially be 30!
September: Rock-n-Roll Philly 1/2 Marathon (and possibly 5k). Date had yet to be announced due to the Pope visiting the city during September. But this will be my first 1/2!!
October: TBD
November: TBD
December: TBD

If anyone had any suggestions for the months I have open I’m all ears!
All of this will be in preparation for my first major runDisney event; the 2016 Princess Weekend. The goal is to run 3 races in 3 days-5k, 10k, and 1/2 marathon earning 4 medals to add to my beautiful medal holder I got for Christmas from Gone For A Run.

So if you’re on Instagram and search the hashtags #thisprincesswillrun and #JennaRuns2015 that’s me! Follow me on my journey there as well!

What are your goals for 2015? Tell me!

2014 Recap

Published January 6, 2015 by thisprincesswillrun

Oh hey.
Did you remember I have a blog?
Because apparently I just did.

Anyway, 2015 is here! But real quick
lets take a look back at 2014, because it was pretty rad year!

John and I went to quite a few concerts together! It’s one of our favorite things to do, but some years we get the opportunity to go more often. 2014 we saw: Tyrone Wells, Tony Lucca, Matt Nathanson, and OAR twice!





We weaseled our way right up front for the first OAR show over the summer and I even left with the set list! (Which now hangs above my side of the bed) we also made it into 2 of the crowd pictures the band took on stage, one at each show! Nothing makes me happier than being at an OAR concert.

2014 also marked the last full year in my 20’s! I will be turning 30 this august, so I came up with my 30 Things To Do Before 30. Most were pretty realistic and doable, and a few I knew would be a stretch. But I think I did a damn good job knocking a few off the list before 2015 started!







John and I went to the Philly Comicon last year and it was a lot of fun! We’re waiting to see who will be there this year so we can plan accordingly. Couples that need out together stay together. That’s a thing right?
In October when we went to Disney I somehow built up the courage, and I RODE MY FIRST ROLLER COASTER IN OVER 10 YEARS!! See? Up there? That blurry selfie? That’s me ON A COASTER!! Granted, it’s the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and it’s a baby coaster. But I did it! Twice!
And the day after we got home from Disney, I “somehow” ended up on Petfinder. And the dog I had been crying over in the spring WAS STILL UP FOR ADOPTION. So I pulled the crying wife card and I set up a meeting to go see him. And not only did I fall in love instantly, but John did too. And so a month later, we became dog-parents to Apollo Bacardi Anselmo. And I don’t know how we lived so long without him.
And lastly, when Kim came home for the holidays we went to Painting With A Twist! It was lots of fun, and I want to do it again with my sisters-in-law in the spring.

And lastly, to wrap up 2014, this year will forever and always be the year that changed my life. I started running. I had one goal: sign up and complete the Walt Disney World Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 mile race in October. And with the help of SO many people, I did. Not only did I survive, I wasn’t the last one to finish-not even close!-but I also found out that I LIKE to run! Imagine that? I did 4 races in 2014:


The Donor Dash 5k, finished in 41 minutes wearing my first sparkle skirt

Girls on the Run 5k-first bling earned! Finished in 42 minutes…lots of hills on this course and boy was it hot!

Dash-n-Splash! Love this race and course, set a PR on the course of 40 minutes…6 minutes faster than the year before!


And lastly, the ToT 10 miler! One of the best nights of my life, and I was so proud to have my husband run with me and we finished hand in hand with big smiles! 💖

2014 really was an incredible year, and 2015 is already shaping up to be just a great if not better! Hopefully I can keep up with the blog much more then I did last year. 😘


Walt Disney World Tower of Terror 10 miler-Race Recap

Published October 14, 2014 by thisprincesswillrun

*So my husband laughed at me for the abrupt ending to the previous blog post, sorry about that. I ran out of time and had to get ready for work 😜*

So Saturday arrived with a rainy morning. Luckily this was a night time race and I did not sign us up to do the 5k that morning like I had originally crazily thought about doing. The 2 weeks leading up to Saturday October 4th had been incredibly rainy and hot even by Florida standards. I had read horror stories about the heat and humidity of this race in the past, and was getting a little nervous because the weather in Pennsylvania had been INCREDIBLY mild this summer and had even dipped into fall temps durning my last few long training runs.
But the rain (and my mom, I swear she did this) actually caused the temps to drop throughout the day and into the evening. I was starting to get more excited-nervous as opposed to throw up-nervous.

John and I slept in and then went down and got breakfast at our hotel. The only plans we had for the day were to head over to The Boardwalk and get a later lunch at The ESPN Zone. John had been asking our last 2 trips if we could get over there and it just never happened so I really wanted to get over there for him, since I forced him to run 10 miles with me and all. We were shooting for a 1/1:30 lunch, not even thinking that it’s a Saturday….duh. College football day. And because the ESPN zone is a sports bar it was packed. And they don’t force anyone to leave if they are done eating if they came to watch a specific game. Womp. So we waiting in line foreverrrrrrr (ok maybe only like 45 minutes) but we finally got seated and got to watch the end of the Florida-Tennessee game (I think, I don’t follow college football, just NFL…) after lunch we made our way back to Pop Century to rest the legs and get ready for the night to come.




I felt like the poster girl for all things running: purple sparkle skirt, Evil Fairy Raw Threads tank top, purple Asics, Expresso Love abd Gu chomps, and my purple Sparkly Soul headband.
At 7:15 we made our way down to the busses. We were one if the first at our hotel to get there so we were on the second bus to come along. I saw a lot of Raw Threads shirts being worn that night, particularly the Evil Fairy and Evil Queen.
We arrived at the runner drop off and checked our bags and at point all the butterflies I was trying to suppress flew into my throat and stomach. I was still excited but now it was really happening. We kind of wandered around a little. I wanted to sign the signs they had up by the DJ but the line was just astronomical. So I settled for getting a picture at one of the 4 backdrops they had set up. We met another couple in line ahead of us and that helped pass the time. They were nice enough to take some pictures of the two of us so it’s not just selfies haha.




After those pictures we made one last bathroom stop and headed over to Corral F (!!!)


Being placed in F really took a lot off my mind, knowing we had that buffer between us and the dreaded Balloon Ladies and Sweeper Bus. Then it was another hour of waiting around. The nerves were really taking over. I knew I had trained hard, but was it enough? I’d only done 8 miles…how would my body handle the other 2? John was annoyingly calm and tried to help me relax. Finally it was time! They bearded the cattle runners out of each corral and down the long walk to the starting line. Before I knew it, the fireworks for corrals A-E had gone off and it was time got F to begin!




John and I started off together at a decent pace, but in all honesty I paid very little attention to my time the entire race. After the first mile I had pulled away and was on my own. My earbuds decided that only one side was going up work, which was frustrating but it ended up being a blessing. By only have 1 working bud I was able to have my music but also be very present in the race and the atmosphere. Around mile 1 there was already a character stop, I believe it was Jafar, but the line was SUPER long and he was being led away as I ran by. I knew I wanted at least one character picture from this race, I’m in Disney for crying out loud! I had a mental list of who I would stop for if the lines were short. The first 5k was pretty boring, just the one character stop and one spot that had music playing on course. I knew I would be coming up to Animal Kingdom soon which meant during around and running back.


I wanted to try t

I tried to take as many pictures as I could, I’m sure I was very entertaining to watch as I ripped my arm band off every mile or so to take a selfie with a mile marker lol. Scar was mile 3 I believe because soon after that I saw the character stop for the Hyenas! They were high on my list of ones I wanted to stop for, but the line was long and I wasn’t going to stop before I had at least a 5k done. The next mile was slightly uphill and the Queen of Hearts stop was there. I was very tempted to stop for her, but kept on trucking along. There was a girl in a blue tutu that I was trying to stay with, she would run past when I walked and I would catch her again. Mile 4 marker was very exciting, Dr. Facilier from Princess and the Frog! One of my favorites!


And right past the mile marker on the right was the character stop! And the line was very short! (Thanks again mom!) He was my number one pick to stop for. So I stopped the garmin and ruled off my arm band. My picture didn’t turn out good, luckily the marathonfoto one did.


Right after my picture was taken I saw my husband! I had been hoping to find him again on the course. We stayed together for the rest of the run on the highway and through the narrow trail that took us to the HALFWAY POINT! I was sad that the character stops on the trail had such long lines. Jack and Sally, who I wasn’t very interested in, had the longest line is seen since Jafar at the beginning. The other character they had on the trail was the Ugly Witch from Snow White with her cauldron, that would have been a fun picture.
The trail was pretty well lit, it was just a right squeeze and there were speed demons trying to get around everyone. We made it through the woods and onto the grounds of the Wide World of Sports. I really wanted to finish this race with my husband so made a very conscience effort to keep him in my sights. When we got to the baseball diamond I broke away a bit because I really wanted to “run the bases”, but I waited for him at the exit. I took the blurry selfie above to show 6 miles…John’s longest run to date! (Until we finished obviously).
Once we got out onto the road again John was hurting so we would run/walk the light poles as motivation to keep moving. I know my pace took a hit, but I wanted to stay with John. We turned left back onto the highway, passing the Zombie character stop…no thank you. And finally we were coming up the the mile 8 marker….MALEFICENT!


John and I had said that if we got split up again to just meet one another at mile 9 and we would finish together. Right after the mile 8 marker was the downhill ramp leading back to Hollywood Studios. I knew I had to run down the hill, so I took off and let my stride open up a little. Mile 8 was fun, between the hill and Hades above the Hollywood Studios sign harassing people I started to forget the pain in my butt (literally, anything longer than 6 miles and I get pain my left hip and butt) but it wasn’t terrible and I was under 2 miles to go!! This was when my favorite part of the race happened, we were finally running through a Disney park!

I think my favorite part of the entire race was running the Backlot Tour. It closed for good a week before so the ToT runners got to give her one last hurrah. We came in through the back of HS and ran down the middle of the Lights! Motor! Action! attraction, I tried to take a picture of myself on the megaton but it didn’t work lol. So instead I settled for cheesing it up for the marathonfoto cameras. I changed up the pose from my thumbs up to some kind of flying-arms out pose…with a huge smile of course! And the smile was truly genuine, I was having a fabulous time. Up next you ran past the old movie vehicles that you saw on the Backlot Tour, like Herbie. Right after that was the mile 9 marker, so I stopped to wait for John who was only 3-4 minutes behind me. It was a welcome stop, I stretched out my hip and butt a little and felt awesome. Once I gained a husband, off we went together run-walking the Streets of America. And then came all the chEARing fans! It was so awesome to get some positive energy because that last mile felt like an eternity! We ran around the Sorcerer’s hat and back through Pixar Place. I was looking for either Mike or Lotso to maybe get a picture with since John and I were together but I didn’t see either one. (Plus I don’t think John would have stopped, he was hurting and just wanted to see that finish line). So back into the Backlot Tour we went, this time through the tunnel that housed all the costumes and sets and past the Earful Tower. I knew we had to be getting close. Finally one voluntEAR told us it “right around that corner!!” So we walked a few more feet and started tuning in time with the music we could hear for the finish and hand in hand John and I ran across that finish line while Rudy announced “The Anselmo’s from Perkasie!” WE DID IT!!! We finished 10 miles together. And that wet towel they give, is heaven sent. After finally getting the bling that we earned, we started the long trek to bag claim. I was feeling pretty great, but I know John just wanted to go back to the hotel and shower and fall into bed. Luckily, Pain and Panic from Hercules were right in front of the exit to bag claim. So I put my Maleficent Mickey ears and got a picture with my bling.




This entire experience has been life changing. 365 days ago (from ToT 2013-ToT 2014) I’ve changed. I was always the one to have such high dreams but as soon as things got difficult I just have up. But not this time. And I couldn’t have done it alone. Not only has my husband been the most amazing motivator, but my family and friends have been so great this past year. A few that deserve a shout out are my sisters; Kim and Megan, sisters-in-law; Theresa and Nicole for following John and I by getting text alerts Saturday night for the whole 2 hours and 29 minutes. My dad for letting me mooch his gym membership and for getting there himself. Adj, for her unwavering support and for giving me the tools to make this happen (even if you do hate me for becoming a runner). The family I work for; Pratik, Melissa, Kira, and Ajay-for motivating me the whole year to get out there and move. And anyone else who checked in and cheered me on, I know I’ve been annoying on social media posting all my runs and sweaty selfies, but every like and comment has meant more to me then I could ever explain. And my BRF-Arianne, who started out as just a fellow runner on Instagram and has morphed into my greatest cheerleader. Can’t wait to follow your progress at Wine and Dine!

Well, I think that covers all the bases, this is one seriously long post, and I thank you if you’ve taken the time to actually read the whole thing. Now onto the next stage of making this Princess run…half marathon training!


Walt Disney World Tower of Terror 10 miler weekend Recap-Expo.

Published October 13, 2014 by thisprincesswillrun

I bet you all thought is given up on the blog didn’t you? This summer was a crazy busy one and besides a 5k race I ran in August, there was really nothing of substance to report on. (Although I DID PR my 5k race time and set a PR for that course, and ran as Buzz Lightyear so it was a win all around.)

But I digress.
After months and weeks and days of counting down, it was FINALLY time to leave Perkasie for Orlando at the butt-crack of darkness 4am. My wonderful sister Megan stayed over Thursday into Friday to drive us to the airport Friday morning. I paid her in Milano cookies and starbursts. We got through security easily and went to wait at the Gate. We had just enough time to eat half of a McDonalds breakfast (yuck! But it’s the only thing open that early by the Southwest gates) and chug a few sips of coffee before it was time to hop on the plane! I love flying in the early morning and watching the sun rise whole up in the air.

The excitement of arriving at the Orlando Airport never gets old. We collected our luggage lightning fast and climbed on the Magic Express to our hotel, Pop Century.

Luckily we were able to get into our room right away and get settled in. Even though it was only 11am, being up at 4am had us feeling like the day was half over already. But we had dinner reservations that night and John was just itching to get to a park, so we boarded a bus to take us literallyacross the street to the ESPN Wide World of Sports and pick up our bibs for Saturday. It was our first expo experience and I was super excited to check out the vendors. We got our bibs and event guides with no hassle, took a picture with our bibs which is on my camera and not my phone so I can’t post that just yet and then headed over to the expo to get our official race shirts and see the vendors. John was really not into it, but he let me geek out a little. We each bought an I DID IT t-shirt, which I was very nervous about buying beforehand, but the runDisney guys made a good point saying “the shirt doesn’t say I FINISHED, just that you did it.” You got me there. And there was nothing that was going to stop me from finishing! I could have spent soooooo much money on runDisney merch but I restrained and only bought a runDisney Sweaty Band as well. I also stopped by the Sparkly Soul booth and bought 2 more headbands, skinny black & gold (for Saints game days) and a skinny green & white (to wear at swim meets). By then I was feeling overwhelmed by all the excitement and knew I shouldn’t spend any more money, and I could tell John was getting antsy. So I took a quick look at the Sparkle Athletic and Raw Threads booths and drooled over the new villains bow tank/shirt line.

We returned to our room, changed out of our sweaty clothes (a theme of the week, changing clothes during the day because it was WICKED hot!) and set off to the Magic Kingdom before our dinner at 1900 Park Fare and finishing the night at EPCOT. By the time we finally fell into bed Friday night it was only 24 hours before our first official runDisney event! And the nerves started to kick in.






Philly Comicon 2014 (aka 30 Before 30 #1)

Published June 29, 2014 by thisprincesswillrun

It may seem like all I obsess about is Disney and running (that’s still so damn weird to say!) but I am hands down one of the nerdiest girls alive. If it’s a cult classic then it’s a sure bet I love it. Rocky Horror Picture Show. Princess Bride. Super Mario Brothers. Star Wars. Disney Princesses and Villains. Twilight (books not the movies). Percy Jackson. Harry Potter. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The list goes on and on. But most recently, Doctor Who.
I know I know I’m super late to the party. But my youngest sister and my oldest friend turned me into a Whovian. I binge watched all the NuWho last year, falling in love with each Doctor for different reasons. 9 because he’s just SO SASSY! 10 because well, just look at him. He’s pretty. And 11 because you can’t help but laugh at his insane-ness. But 9 is my Doctor. He was my first and he’s still my favorite.
My husband on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with DW. Which is fine. I never forced him to watch. All of the sudden earlier this year he started paying attention when I had it on. And he started liking it, and before I knew it, he was ob.sessed. Like, he know owns more Who T-shirts than I do! But I like that we have something else to feel out about together.
My friend Robbie who lives on Long Island told me he was coming down to Philly for Comicon in June. We don’t get to see each other often so John and I entertained the idea of going to Con, just to hang out with Robbie. That is, until one night when I had a raging headache and I’m laying down on John’s lap looking at Facebook (pretty sure Doctor Who was on Netflix) and I see a new post from Wizard World-Matt Smith will be at Philly Comicon with Karen Gillan on June 20 & 21. Had I NOT had a headache I would have been thrown on the floor so John could go get his laptop. Seriously. Matt is John’s Doctor, needless to say, we would definitely be going to Con now.

Going to Con.
With passes to the dual photo opp.
And passes to the dual panel.

We were officially crossing the line into Supreme Nerd Territory.
And we never looked back.

Robbie has this awesome Gender Bent Wonder Woman cosplay costume that he was wearing one day and was working on an incredible King Elsan (male cosplay Queen Elsa), so I knew I wanted to get involved in cosplay for the big day as well. John ordered himself a Bow Ties Are Cool t-shirt and a fez to wear that day, I knew there would be a gazillion Companion and Doctors walking around so I started looking on Etsy for something more unique. And I found it. A 50’s inspired custom made TARDIS blue skirt with the sign that is on the Doctor’s time machine. I had to have it! {I will link the etsy shop shortly, I’m having difficulty doing it on my phone. I want everyone to see the work this shop does, it’s fantastic!}

So Saturday June 21st arrived and John and I were awake by 6am to get ready and be out the door by no later than 7:30. We wanted to be at the Convention Center as close to 10 as possible since we were only doing the general admission for the Doctor Who panel and wanted to make sure we got a decent spot in line.


We saw so many really terrific cosplay outfits, all the Doctors and most of the companions were represented, a lot of fezzes, too many DW dresses from Hot Topic, and even a Weeping Angel! Soon it was time to go in and we were VERY excited!





The panel was an hour and half and it was worth every penny! It was so great to see that even though both Matt and Karen’s time on the show is over, they are both so thankful of their time on DW and of all the fans who still love them. After the panel we had to run downstairs to get our wristbands so we could get onto the actual floor with all the booths and then get in line for our photo opp. That was the only part of the day that felt long. Over an hour of waiting for our 5 seconds with Matt and Karen. BUT, we met them and have a really great picture to put in the living room. (Seriously).


Finally we were able to roam around and soak in all the nerdiness. We found Robbie and spent the rest of the day in the presence of royalty and had a really great time at our first con. The rest of the post will be pictures from the day.















They announced the dates for next year, and I’m already planning my Rose Tyler outfit!
Has anyone else ever been to a Comicon? Did you dress up?